Security questions? We have answers.

Find answers to common questions about Kasisto MyKAI

Your security and privacy are our priority. We take them seriously.

We know that banking on your messaging platform is an entirely new experience. Rest assured, it’s as safe as banking in your bank’s mobile app or other payment apps. If you have any security or privacy concerns, please get in touch with our security team at

Do you keep my personal information?
We only remember your email address, name, and which bank and messaging platform you use. We will never store or use any of your personal financial data. For example, when you give your bank username and password to add an account, we code the username and password, send them in a protected way to your bank, and then forget them completely. Our systems run in a secure environment.
How do you know it’s me and not someone else?
We verify your identity through two steps. First, we check the Facebook, Google or email log-in or phone number you registered. Second, we send you a one-time password.
If you’re not really connected to my bank and I can’t do transactions, how does this work?
We request only specific information about transactions and balances from an aggregator that works with your bank, only when you ask us to. The aggregator securely conveys only the requested information, coding it. As for payment, we use only the payment app Venmo through its standard interface.
Can someone take over my account and take money out of my accounts?
We have no access to your bank accounts or credit cards, only to data that an independent aggregator collects from your accounts and cards. Our access to this data is “read only.” Kai could not move money into or out of any account, even if it wanted to. We enable payments only to payees you have already added to your list in Venmo. These payments occur through Venmo just as they would if you initiated them in the Venmo app.
Do you have access to my contacts like my friends on Facebook Messenger?
No. We don’t ask Facebook to access your friends or contacts, and we receive no such information. If you connect your Venmo account, we will know your Venmo payees, and we will use this information only to help you pay them. We will not share or sell it.
Do you store my conversation? For how long? Does Facebook, Slack, or anyone else?
You can access your conversation with Kai at any time and delete it whenever you like. In order to train our artificially intelligent system, we may keep a version of the conversation that is completely anonymized. We will delete all information that could be used to identify you from that version. Although we might use it to improve our technology, we will never sell it. Facebook’s servers, or your service provider’s, still may store our conversation as for any conversation on Facebook or SMS.
How is my personal data being protected?
After securely verifying your identity with your bank, we forget your bank password completely. When you enter your username and password for Facebook, Google, Slack, or Venmo, you do so on that app's site and not ours. We never see those passwords. Instead, Facebook, Google, Slack, or Venmo gives us an anonymous token we use to safely make sure it's you. We will never sell your data. We only store anonymized versions of your financial data. (The only pieces of identifiable data we remember are your email address, name, and which bank and messaging platform you use.)
Do you store my credit card information?
We don’t store your credit card details.
Do you store my bank account number or other bank information?
We don’t store your bank account number.
What about payments? Do you give my credit card info to my payees?
We do not give any of your card or account numbers to any payee. We only make payments through Venmo. Venmo sends a one-time payment securely, drawing on your Venmo balance or an account or card you’ve chosen to connect with Venmo.
Do the messaging apps see or store my financial data? For example, what will Facebook Messenger and Slack know about my financial data?
When messaging over third-party messaging platforms, Kai never mentions your personal financial data or any other information that could identify you. On those platforms, it will never ask for your account numbers, usernames, or passwords. It will never mention your full account or credit card numbers or other secrets.
How do I turn off MyKAI if my phone is lost or stolen?
If your phone is lost or stolen, simply go here, sign into your MyKAI account and disconnect your bank, Facebook, and Slack accounts and phone numbers. This will delete them from MyKAI. You can also log in to Facebook or Slack and delete the conversation from there.
What company is behind MyKAI?
MyKAI is the brainchild of Kasisto. You can visit our website. We are a startup that spun off from SRI International, which developed Apple’s Siri. We use the latest technology to encrypt and secure our data and systems. We have won the trust of some of the world’s largest, most innovative, and most secure banks. Wells Fargo, DBS, and BBVA all back us. We have a seasoned management team that protects your security. It’s our priority.