Hi. I’m Kai, and I make banking easy

Hi. I’m Kai, and I make banking easy

How it Works

Ask Kai anything 24/7

MyKAI connects to your bank, allowing you to manage money quickly and easily, even from your phone.

How much did I spend on travel in April?
Let’s see. You spent $387.29.
Want to see the transactions?
How about March?
You spent $427.85. Shall I break that down?

From Teller to Text Message

Banking in a few words.

Conversational AI

My brain is made of the latest artificial-intelligence technology. I’m not your average bot. I’m a good listener.

Small Requests. Big Tasks.

I can show balances, search transactions, and make payments, plus define 2,114 banking terms and counting. I’m always learning. Try me.

Your Accounts

Securely connect any account or card — or all of them. I’m familiar with 20,000 banks and Venmo.

Your Apps

I work on-the-go over Facebook Messenger, Slack, or SMS. Say hey. I’ll reply.

Let's Chat

Text me as you would a friend. Plain English is best. No awkward prompts, odd jargon, or clunky buttons.

Your Security

I’m as safe as your bank’s mobile app and take your privacy seriously. Read details here.